Brigadier General Nathaniel H. Harris’ Brigade included William B. Poore and his 16th Mississippi comrades…

Mississippians in the Confederate Army

In September 2011, I posted a reminiscence written by Frank H. Foote, who served in the “Claiborne Volunteers,” Company F, 48th Mississippi Infantry. If you have not read that previous article, I suggest you start there, as it contains a detailed biography of Foote:

At the time I posted the article I noted that Foote was a prolific author, and there were probably other manuscripts of his waiting to be found. Well, I was correct. The following reminiscence about the siege of Petersburg, Virginia, was written by Foote and published in The Clarion (Jackson, Mississippi), on September 10, 1884:

The Death Grapple at Petersburg! Last Days of Harris’ Mississippi Brigade

July and August were dry and sultry; water was scarce, and hard to get at. The picket post suffered the most this way, until we sank several wells in our trenches, and then we had pretty fair water…

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