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Emerging Civil War

MineRunMapsFor people looking at Civil War “headliners,” the span between Gettysburg in July of ’63 and the Wilderness in May of ’64 seems like a vast, empty gulf. A lot went on during that timespan, of course, although, for a lot of reasons, those events have been lost to general memory.

“Despite the fascinating series of maneuvers, command decisions, engagements, politics, and ‘what-ifs’ that comprise the Bristoe Station and Mine Run campaigns, they remain among the least studied in the Eastern Theater,” writes author Bradley Gottfried.

However, Gottfried’s new book of maps fills in that gap in magnificent style. The Maps of the Bristoe Station and Mine Run Campaigns is the latest in Savas Beatie’s excellent series of maps books, and it’s every bit as solid as its predecessors—and because it covers an oft-overlooked timespan, I daresay it’s even more valuable.

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