The Poore brothers fought in many of the major battles of the Civil War and, although wounded, none of them came home with empty sleeves or trousers’ legs…

Emerging Civil War

It is not two years since the sight of a person who had lost one of his lower limbs was an infrequent occurrence. Now, Alas! there are few of us who have not a cripple among our friends if not in our own families.

Physician Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1863.


General Hood in happier times General Hood in happier times

Confederate General John Bell Hood was crippled by the Civil War. His disabilities were so severe that only in the desperate straights of the 1860s could anyone imagine a man with his useless left arm permanently in a sling and no right leg going back to the army to fight another day. General Hood was, by no stretch of imagination, impaired.

At Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863, Hood led his brigade into action on the second day of the battle. When he was hit, he took shell fragments in the bicep, elbow, forearm and hand…

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