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This short, independently-published 2008 book has nothing of the 13th Regiment in it but is nevertheless a fine explication of what was going on at home in Mississippi during the war.

Diarist Amanda Worthington was much younger than the high society South Carolina matron Mary Chesnut, the most prominent Southern writer of the war. Mary’s famous diaries captured the chaos of a slave-owning society at war, exploring the making, marking and breaking of the Confederacy from its Richmond seat of power.

The teenage Confederate belle Amanda, though less educated or worldly, nevertheless had Mary’s eye for detail and ear for social nuance in her smaller and less influential Delta planter society. Amanda is as forthright, as critical of people she doesn’t like as Mary is, and as frank about herself: “…anybody I can’t freeze must be tolerably hard to take a hint…to anyone I don’t like I can be…

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