The Poore brothers didn’t fight at Shiloh, but when the rebels pulled back to Corinth, John F. Poore with the 37th Mississippi joined them there to defend the town…

Emerging Civil War

Miss Mon

Nearly 6,000 Mississippians fought at Shiloh, filling the ranks of 7 artillery batteries, a cavalry battalion, and ten infantry regiments. Until now, only the red war department tablets have marked their passage across the battlefield. When the park was created in the 1890s, the state of Mississippi could not afford to sponsor individual unit markers, as the northern states did; nor could it even afford to erect a state memorial.

In fact, few parks have much by way of Mississippi monuments.  As might be expected, Vicksburg has a large Memorial to the Mississippians who fought there, but Gettysburg didn’t get a Mississippi State Memorial until 1973. Chickamauga-Chattanooga has none, despite the many Mississippians who fought there, in either the September or November actions. The 11th Mississippi Infantry, thanks to some especially dedicated supporters has no less than two monuments at Gettysburg, erected in 2000, and one at Antietam, put up…

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