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Emerging Civil War

The Horse Soldiers Movie PosterI just returned from a weekend trip to St. Simons Island, Georgia. It’s a marvelous little beach town, with an attendant gentility. I saw this sign in a yard near the Lighthouse: “Where tramps must not, surely ladies and gentlemen will not trespass.”

A beach weekend demands a good beach book, so I brought along Neil Longley York’s Fiction as Fact: The Horse Soldiers & Popular Memory (2001). I reviewed it in Blue & Gray in December of that year. I liked the book a lot and explained why at considerable length.

My review prompted a complimentary e-mail from John Hubbell, who had recently retired from Kent State University Press (York’s publisher). “Just a thank you note for your perceptive review,” John wrote. “You read the book!”

If you’ll remember, John Ford’s film, The Horse Soldiers (1959), tells the story of a Union cavalry raid through Mississippi in 1863, based…

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