William B. Poore fought in the Bloody Angle for 20 hours almost without stop…

Emerging Civil War

Path to BA 051216Dawn came with a misty drizzle over Spotsylvania today. 152 years ago, day broke with similar weather, a “chill, misty, first early dawn.” The night’s rain had eased for a bit, and the fog had begun to dissipate. The rain would pick up later though even as the battle intensified. For twenty-two straight hours, the armies grappled with each other in the rain and mud and blood. It was “a seething, bubbling, roaring hell of hate and murder,” one soldier said. To walk this beautiful landscape today, one would hardly know.

Tonight, I will have the privilege to share the story of the battle of Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle with the Bull Run Civil War Roundtable. Sharing the story of those men of both sides is my way of honoring them, to be sure they are not forgotten.

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