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Once again, there’s been a dry spell on this blog. Between work, my PhD work, and frequent travels to visit a daughter at VMI, I found little time to post anything after my last post in October. Still, that didn’t mean ideas stopped floating about in my head about various topics. I just didn’t have a chance to put pen to paper (so to speak).

ColesCampBattle The Loudoun Heights Battlefield. Looking from the south, toward Cole’s Camp. Mosby attacked from the northwest end of the camp, so… somewhere toward the left-back, in this image.

Having recovered a little over the Christmas break, this morning I took time to read Travis’s recent post at A River Divided, and it sparked my memories of the 150th anniversary of Loudoun Heights. While, today, we’re two days short of the 152nd anniversary, Travis’ post was well-timed with the weather. As I walked outside…

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