Mississippians in the Confederate Army

Today, on Confederate Memorial Day, we remember the sacrifices made by Southern soldiers in defense of their homes and families. This is the perfect time to share this reminiscence of the Battle of Peachtree Creek, Georgia, written by Nathaniel L. Barfield, who served in the 3rd Mississippi Infantry. Written for The Lexington Advertiser (Lexington, Mississippi),  on the 50th anniversary of the battle, it was published by the newspaper on July 24, 1914:

Just Fifty Years Ago

Arlington, Ga., July 20, 1914

Dear Advertiser: – Just fifty years ago today, as we look backward we imagine we see Gen.

Featherston's Headquarters Flag Headquarters flag of General Winfield Scott Featherston. The 3rd Mississippi Infantry was part of Featherston’s Brigade at the Battle of Peachtree Creek (Photo by Author)

Featherston with his brigade drawn up in line of battle, which was composed of 1st Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters, 3rd [Mississippi Infantry] of which this writer…

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