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(June 29, 2017) The following essay on “The Biggest Confederate Error” of the Civil War is basically the first chapter of my two year old book, Lee’s Lost Dispatch & Other Civil War Controversies. This online version lacks only the footnotes. The entire book is available in the preceding hyperlink and in the link embedded in the book cover image below.

Chapter One

The Confederacy’s Biggest Error

While imprisoned two years at Fort Monroe, Virginia, after the end of the Civil War, former Confederate President Jefferson Davis admitted that the Confederacy should have replaced King Cotton (embargo) Diplomacy for a nearly opposite policy. Failure to do so was perhaps the Confederacy’s biggest error.

For months Davis was held in virtual isolation except for the occasional company of a US Army physician. Lieutenant Colonel John Craven, MD, kept a record of their conversations, summarizing many in various writings, including the 1866…

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