Book Q&A

On this page I welcome all comments about my ebook Poore Boys In Gray. By sharing our thoughts, we can learn from each other.

I am a trained historian, but I don’t like much of what passes for history, especially Southern history. I especially don’t like how it is presented in academic history journals. These journals don’t allow for reader responses. You will not find a “letters to the editor” section in them. Even if a journal allows you to make a response, it will be months before it is published.

Whether in journals or books, a lot of history is written so badly that it is hard to read, let alone understand. Sometimes it seems as though the writing was made hard to understand on purpose.

For this reason, I wrote Poore Boys In Gray in plain language, writing that can be understood at almost every reading level and that also is interesting to read.

I hope you agree, But even if you don’t I welcome and look forward to your comments.


5 thoughts on “Book Q&A”

  1. Michael Barrow Poore said:

    My name is Michael Poore. My father is Dick Austin Poore Jr. I believe this book may be about my family. My wife is currently doing ancestry research and is collecting photos. If you have any photos to contribute, please contact me.

  2. Reading Willy and the Poor Boys ;-); so far, excellent, thank you.

    Are you familiar with the Nat’l Guard Heritage Paintings; in particular, the one with the Battn Washington Artillery at Battery Gregg?

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