“It Seems We are To Live To See All Our Children Buried:” A Tale of Two Civil War Letters

Mississippians in the Confederate Army

Working at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History affords me the opportunity to search through many obscure collections for interesting material. I found the following letter in a grouping that was simply labeled, “Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection:”

A Letter to Mrs. Chester Rockwell from her Nephew:

E.V.M. Lee

Comp. A, 12th Miss. Regt.

Camp Near Orange Court House, Va.

Jan. 6th/64

My Dear Aunt Carrie,

I have written to you twice or three times since I was at your house and enjoyed myself

civil_war_map_of_orange Civil War Map of the town of Orange Court House, Virginia (www.censusfinder.com/mapvirginia.htm)

so well with you and Uncle Rockwell but have never received a letter from you up to this time and I now write you again and hope to hear from you soon.

Aunt, it was a great shock to me when I heard of poor Aunt Hellen and Cousin Sue Lee’s death…

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