Beneath Torn and Tattered Flags, 2017 Edition, Chapters 4 – 7

Mississippians in the Confederate Army

This is the second installment of the revised and expanded 2017 edition of my regimental history of the 38th Mississippi Infantry. It will cover the regiment’s participation in the battle of Corinth and the siege of Vicksburg. This portion of the history will also detail the 38th’s reorganization after Vicksburg, and the regiment’s change into a mounted infantry unit in 1864. I hope you enjoy this portion of Beneath Torn and Tattered Flags, and please check back for the final installment of the regimental history of the 38th Mississippi, which will be posted very soon!

Chapter IIII

Redemption at Corinth

I will sum up by saying that we had to fight three days to get out of the trap old Van Dorn got us in.1

– Lt. Col. Preston Brent on the battle of Corinth.

In camp at Baldwyn, the 38th’s soldiers finally had a chance…

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