The Mementoes of that Tragic Conflict: Civil War Artifacts in the Museum of Mississippi History

Mississippians in the Confederate Army

For the past four years as I have worked at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History, I have been able to look out the windows of our reading room and watch the construction of the Museum of Mississippi History. I take great pride in this building, as I played a small part in helping to create the exhibits that went into it. Before coming to work at MDAH, I was employed as an historical researcher at Communication Arts Company in Jackson. At the time I was hired, my primary job was to do research for the exhibits going into the new museum, and I spent years in completing that task. After so much work, and so many years of waiting, the museum opening is only two days away; the grand opening is on December 9, 2017!

Museum October 2014 The Museum of Mississippi History under construction in October 2014. (Photo by Author)

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