Emerging Civil War

As Union forces marched south under Sherman, wreaking havoc across several Southern states, stories of Northern atrocities spread. It’s hard to say which stories were true, and which were fanciful creations that played on Southern sentiments, like some of those written for the Confederate Veteran in the 1890s and early 1900s; however, numerous journal entries and letters from 1864-1865 attest to unfair treatment of Southern residents and their property under Sherman. Southern cities and homes were pillaged, and many families were often left starving. As he marched through the South, Sherman’s plan involved breaking the Confederate backbone by breaking its constituents. It worked, creating deep resentment among Southerners which continued throughout the years after the war. This three part series will illustrate the innovative ways families attempted to protect their property from Union foes as Sherman’s troops forged a path of destruction through the southern states of Georgia, South Carolina…

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