Mississippians in the Confederate Army

I found this story, written by a member of the 15th Mississippi Infantry identified only as “Judge,” in The Atlanta Constitution, May 16, 1886. It’s a funny little article, but it does point out the hardships faced by many Confederate soldiers by the lack of timely payment from the Confederate government.


A Rich Story of Adventure – The New Moon and the Seven Stars, or the Biter Bit.

In the spring of 1863, the regiment to which I belonged, the 15th Mississippi infantry, was ordered from Port Hudson, La., to Tulahoma, Tenn., as was understood. We went as far as Montgomery, Ala., and for some cause unknown to the writer, were ordered back to Mississippi. But what I wish to tell you occurred on the way from Port Hudson to Montgomery.

Port Hudson Illustration of the railroad depot at Port Hudson, Louisiana. (Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper

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